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Boiler Servicing Checklist

Boiler servicing checklist

Annual boiler servicing in Barnsley is a vital part of boiler and heating system maintenance to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently.

It’s also a condition of the boiler warranty, so you’ll have to make sure your boiler is serviced each year to ensure warranty is valid.

Service work should be executed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This means that they are qualified to carry out the work on your home appliance. You can check them out on the Gas Safe register websites.

The following checks should be made throughout a service:

Step 1 – Protecting your property
Your heating engineer will use protective sheeting and show covers to protect your home all through the service.

Step 2 – Visual check
The annual service will then be started with a visual check to make sure that the boiler, relevant pipework and flue are installed and placed adequately, both internally and externally. The general operation of the boiler is then observed and a check for proper ventilation can also be conducted if needed.

Step 3 – Checking it’s functioning properly
The engineer will take off the boiler casing to take a look at its parts. They will confirm the boiler is working properly and efficiently. A good service will incorporate checking:

# Suitable gas pressure and flow
# Flue and combustion. A flue gas analyser (where suitable) can be used to ensure the boiler is consuming the ideal mixture of gas and air.
# Electrical contacts are clean and in good shape
# Fans as well as other key components operate properly
# Seals are in one piece
# Electrodes are in a good condition
# Safety devices are examined
# Condensate trap and pipe isn’t blocked
They’ll also clean inside the boiler wherever necessary and examine the water and gas pipework to ensure things are all operating properly.

Step 4 – Safety checks
The engineer will complete a number of safety checks in accordance with gas regulation (GSIUR 1998) to give you extra peace of mind.

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