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Why is Servicing Important

Boiler Servicing: Why Is It Crucial?

An annual boiler service will keep you safe and save a little money

A lot of people in Barnsley consider boiler servicing a pointless cost. Actually, a report conducted by uSwitch in 2013 showed that 1 in 10 households (approx. 2 million homes in the UK) have never had their boiler serviced. However, if you overlook your annual service, you might end up with a boiler which is unsafe, undependable and costly to run.

Have a look at details below to understand exactly why regular boiler servicing is critical.

Why Is Annual Boiler Servicing Important?

There are three primary reasons for booking an annual boiler service:

Safety: If your boiler is not combusting properly it might be giving off deadly carbon monoxide gases. You cannot taste, smell or see carbon monoxide, so if your boiler is giving out this hazardous gas, you might not realise until it is too late. During your service the engineer will check your boiler for hazardous leaks, in addition to spotting and correcting any probable issues before they become a problem.

Efficiency: Boiler efficiency declines as time passes, as the boiler gets older and components become clogged with particles. During your annual boiler service, the engineer will service all the boiler’s parts, clean out your system and change any broken components. This will make your boiler more efficient which will help to cut your heating bills, as an inefficient boiler uses more fuel.

Reliability: Your boiler, like all mechanical equipment, it’s subject to damage with time. When it’s functioning at full capacity through the winter, there is more strain placed on the parts inside the boiler. For that reason, it is more likely to breakdown during winter, leaving you and your family in the cold. A certified engineer will help protect against these breakdowns, by making sure that your boiler is in tip-top condition throughout the year.

The servicing checklist explained